Dear Readers,

I am author of a new book, “Storm Over Morocco”; it is about a spiritual voyage that I took to Morocco in 1978 from Paris where I was studying philosophy. I was searching for supreme truth and studying Eastern religions as the path that would lead me there. While I was in Morocco I was invited to study Islam in a mosque where I resided for several weeks.

It turned out that it was a militant Moslem group and that I was not free to leave. During my stay, I had different confrontations with the Imams and Islamic gurus, especially over the concept and treatment of women in orthodox Islamic communities in which I lived.

My questions as to the treatment of women served as a catalyst for one of the Islamic gurus to accuse me of being a Zionist spy destined to sabotage the “back to Islam” movement. I was eventually acquitted of sabotage by an internal inquisitorial tribunal, but I remained a prisoner behind the tall walls of the mosque on the outskirts of Casablanca.

The leaders of the mosque tried to convert me which I resisted thanks to my ecumenical approach to religions, such that I do not believe any one religion holds all the pieces of the puzzle.

I finally had to escape the mosque and friends hid me in Casablanca until I could safely leave the country.

I was able to withstand conversion due to my profound knowledge of different religions and the desire to focus on the common denominators among them.

After a successful conference and several successful discussions/signing events in the US concerning my book, I have returned to Paris.

A tenured professor at the University of Paris and member of the California and Marseille Bars, I organize and participate in interfaith events in Israel and Palestine.

For more information, see a copy of the prologue here

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